Our ingredients nostra, keep only the essential
nostra, a natural, sensory and Made In France brand, inspired by the benefits of Mediterranean plants and scents.

French manufacturing
Our vocation: to enhance the know-how of our region, with the same high standards of quality and aesthetics.
Concerned about the quality of the product, we have decided to combine the authentic resources of the Mediterranean basin with the know-how and expertise of French cosmetics.
We work directly with producers to create sustainable and trusted partnerships.

Formulas from 95% to 100% natural
Because the health of our skin is at the heart of our approach, our formulas respect the nature of each ingredient and offer us products with soft textures. Each product is based on a complex of 4 natural ingredients: orange blossom, rosemary, sweet mint and pomegranate, in order to guarantee skin-friendly products. A complex with detoxifying, antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Natural cosmetic treatments nostra
We offer a wide range of treatments made up of the riches of nature, adapted to the needs of each individual: facial treatments, body treatments, colognes…
They tell the beautiful story of the cosmetic expertise at the service of nature and are easily integrated into family life to provide everyone with what their skin needs, naturally.

nostra as innovative as it is effective!
No need to choose between an effective product and a natural product. We develop formulas with increasingly powerful active ingredients that are also natural and renewable resources. All our aromatic or medicinal plants are of inestimable value.
Textures, perfumes, packaging, natural cosmetics has become as effective and sensory as classic cosmetics. Our products are full of beautiful discoveries that awaken the senses.

Our packaging, a boost for the planet

In family, as in nature, every gesture counts.

Each project, on its own scale, can have simple and concrete measures to improve the environmental impact of human activity. At nostra, we follow an ecological approach in the development of our cosmetic products.

nostra, based on the quality of its products, responds to the growing consumer interest in natural skin care and is committed to giving Man the best of the Earth, with the greatest respect for nature and human beings.

To do this, we make responsible choices to limit the quantity of materials and favour virtuous materials.

All the packaging of our products has been carefully developed in a ecoresponsible and design process according to very strict environmental criteria:

– Our jars are made of recyclable glass.
– We do not have any instructions in our packaging.
– We have limited the use of cases by keeping them only to protect fragile packaging.
– Some of our products are made of wood, a noble, ecological and responsible material since it is recyclable and biodegradable.
– Our tubes are made from sugar cane, an eco-responsible packaging for the planet.

An ethical and responsible approach with the aim of creating harmony between Man and nature.

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