nostra, wild by nature

Our commitments

French manufacturing

Our vocation: to enhance the know-how of our region, with the same high standards of quality and aesthetics.
Concerned about the quality of the product, we have decided to combine the authentic resources of the Mediterranean basin with the technical mastery and expertise of French cosmetics.
We work directly with producers to create sustainable and trusted partnerships.

Formulas from 95% to 100% natural

We offer a wide range of treatments made up of the riches of nature, but we keep only the essential.

Because the health of our skin is at the heart of our approach, our formulas respect the nature of each ingredient and offer us products with soft textures. Each product is based on our complex of 4 natural ingredients.

Our packaging, a boost for the planet

In family, as in nature, every gesture counts.
Each project, on its own scale, can have simple and concrete measures to improve the environmental impact of human activity. At nostra, we follow an ecological approach in the development of our cosmetic products.
Based on the quality of its products, nostra does its best to play a role in changing mentalities which, every day, push each of us towards consumption that is more respectful of the people and things around us.

To do this, we make responsible choices to limit our ecological impact and thus promote virtuous materials. All the packaging of our products has been carefully developed according to very strict environmental criteria :

  • Our jars are made of recyclable glass.
  • We do not have any instructions in our packaging.
  • We have limited the use of cases by keeping them only to protect our products.
  • Some of our products are made of wood, a noble, ecological and responsible material since it is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Our tubes are made of plant-based polyethylene from sugarcane that produce half the carbon footprint of traditional tubes.

nostra complex

Among the immense wealth of Mediterranean aromatic and medicinal resources, we have chosen 4 ingredients for their complementary virtues on the body and well-being.
From their association is born this unique complex with detoxifying, antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing properties.
Our own nostra complex is at the base of all our products and ensures a healthy skin on all aspects.

orange blossom: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and helps restore skin radiance.
rosemary: antioxidant, protects the skin from UVA rays, rich in rosmarinic acid which strongly participates in reducing acne
pomegranate: rich in vitamins B and K, it mattifies the skin by regulating its sebum production, it intensely hydrates the driest skin, fights against the effects of aging, and participates in cell regeneration.
wild mint: detoxifying, refreshing, healing and invigorating.