Created by Éric Cantona and Rachida Brakni, nostra is a line of cosmetics with soft textures where the nature and benefits of each ingredient of Mediterranean basin are preserved.

I have not forgotten the lessons of my career as a top-level athlete and the three phases that have accompanied my sporting events: preparing, acting and recovering.

I developed nostra based on this sequence, that sets the rhythm of each person’s daily life in search of good physical health. – Eric

The houses of my childhood were all surrounded by eucalyptus, orange, lemon, thyme and maquis. So many fruits of the earth that served to give us a healthy capital of which we were not aware at the time. The taste and scents of these local products have been imprinted in my memory as emotions that have become a perpetual quest and a systematic point of comparison to any new olfactory or gustatory experience.

By creating nostra with Rachida we wanted to offer women and men a line of cosmetics that breaks free from traditional codes, using local producers and Mediterranean resources for real products.

We went to meet eucalyptus, cistus and rosemary growers, olive growers and foresters. We shared with authentic men and women who work the land with their powerful and respectful hands. We have explored new territories: France, Spain, Italy and Sardinia, all of which are sun-drenched lands and wonderful products. Their authenticity has awakened the memory of the perfumes of our childhood, the scrubland, the olive trees, the citrus fruits… We are reconnecting with our roots.

Like this rediscovered childhood, nostra offers a return to true values.