« I’ve not forgotten the lessons I learnt during my career as a high level athlete and the 3 phases that structured my competitions : prepare, act, recover »


« This rythm of life, I have passed it on to my family in our daily life »


To accompany them, Eric and Rachida created nostra, a natural cosmetics brand that is interested in and works with the basics.


Prepare :

cleansing your skin and hair

With nostra, we are reconnecting with the basics of cleansing, using products that are very gentle, effective and feature the enchanting essences of Mediterranean shores.


Recover :
unwind, regenerate your skin and body

When he was an athlete, massage was not just an important step in recovery, it became essential for Eric. He knows which massage and body care products assist with correct recovery.

A travel at every step through signature fragrances

nostra is also a world of scents.
Fragrance diffusors, scented candles, etc.
Eric has created fragrances that transpose the authentic scents of the Mediterranean.

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